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History is made by people and is infinitely more than dates and locations. Battlefields are more than markers, museums, and monuments, and they cannot tell their story unless the antagonists are understood, their decisions are analyzed, and the troops, weapons, weather, and terrain are understood. Battle Focus provides a battlefield experience rather than a guided tour.


The transition from modern highways to 19th century battlefields is not an easy one, and often the traveler completely loses the scheme of maneuver by which the contending forces arrived at the point of conflict. Battle Focus travels, whenever possible, the historical routes to properly place the armies on the battlefield. The battle is discussed prior to departure on these routes through a Battle Focus audio-visual presentation. Upon arrival on the battlefield, the battle is traveled and discussed chronologically, as it unfolded, not necessarily by designated park tour stops. This battlefield study technique involves some walking, as battles cannot be studied from asphalt-covered tour stops. Personalities and actions are stressed in order to make the battle come alive. Participants will "smell the smoke" as maps, charts and replica battle flags are utilized to enhance the battlefield experience. 

Tour Composition & Time

Tours can be conducted for history enthusiasts of all ages and "battlefield skill levels." Tour size is 15 to 45 (limited by single bus capacity). Depending on the battlefield and client's preference, tours can last from one to six days.

Tour Locations

Battle Focus has conducted extensive tours of the Gettysburg Campaign, the Vicksburg Campaign, the Battle of Shiloh, TN, and the Civil War battlefields of Mississippi. Other battlefields, of other wars, may be toured upon request. 


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